From my VA, Julia.

Being a godparent is an honor and a serious responsibility. It shows that the parents trust you. And once you become a godparent, you’re part of that child’s life forever.

It’s the same In the Philippines and they have a special name for godparents. The men are called “ninong” and women are called “ninang”. In addition to guiding that child, being a ninong or ninang means you are also obligated to give your godchild a present every birthday and Christmas. 

EVERY BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS. Yup, it’s a big deal. That’s why most people think twice when asked to become a godparent. But it’s also considered back luck to refuse to become one when asked.

Giving gifts to your godchildren is a serious responsibility. It’s tradition for godchildren to go caroling and visit their godparents during the Christmas break to get their presents. It’s a tradition so powerful that even the pandemic hasn’t stopped it. It’s like Halloween but instead of giving all the neighborhood kids candy, you have to give your godchildren cash and/or gifts.  

This tradition is so serious that there are songs, entire movies, sitcoms and memes about this tradition. And the running joke is if you have a lot of godchildren, you may want to hide from them over the holidays. 

The generous godparent is the one who gives cash AND gifts every birthday and Christmas. They’re the ones who are loved and adored. 

* “Nasan kaya sila?” means Where are they?

Bad godparents go on vacations or hide indoors to avoid giving gifts to their godchildren.

* “Aguinaldo” means Christmas gift

The worst ones are the sadistic godparents. The ones that make you solve math problems, answer trivia questions or sing Christmas carols perfectly to win your present. 

*”Pamasko” means Christmas money

If you were to become a Filipino godparent, which one would you be?

I always find it’s good to understand the culture of the people you’re working with.