Yesterday I went sledding with my older kids.  

No, not your normal sledding. 

We call this “adult sledding”.
Sled racing.

We hike up a canyon 1-2 miles, then we sled back down the single-track 1-2 miles.

It’s a 1-2 mile long luge where we race each other.
First one down wins.

Adult sledding.

Guess what’s not full-contact?

The Philippines culture.

Contact usually involves confrontation and they’re super non-confrontational.

Yesterday Monaz emailed me and said she didn’t have a good experience hiring an online Filipino specialist because they disappeared in the middle of her project leaving her high and dry.

I responded and said 
They probably had a problem or got stuck on something or didn’t know how to do something.

She said
“But then rather than disappearing should he not have communicated that he does not want to do the job any more? “

No, because that’s not their culture.

1. he DOES still want the job.  He’s just stuck on something.
2. he doesn’t want to confront you about him being stuck.

When someone disappears…even for the shortest amount of time (2-3 days is a really good indicator), you should take it as a sign that something is wrong.

It’s not that they don’t want the job. It’s that they’re stuck and don’t want to confront you.


PS. Yesterday we hiked up and raced down 3 times. My 18 yr old son is talented enough that I can’t beat him anymore.  He always wins.  It stinks.