About a month ago I made Joven the manager of OnlineJobs.ph. He’s managing and coordinating our design/dev/QA/marketing teams.

Was he always capable of this?

Heck no!!!

I hired Joven in 2005.

In 2007 he told me “Sir, when I started working for you I knew nothing! I was so scared you were going to get mad at me and fire me…”

So what changed?

Well…me for one.  I realized he (and so many others) were capable of running teams like this.

But…he did too.

He went from knowing nothing (and I can confirm…he knew almost nothing relevant to my business) to
– building websites
– doing SEO
– creating and running PPC campaigns
– doing all kinds of online marketing
– Helping create the verification system OnlineJobs.ph uses to verify millions of Filipino workers
– Managing a team of people
– Managing multiple teams of people

Here’s what did it.


In that 2007 conversation he continued

“I was so scared you were going to get mad at me and fire me…but then you started to give me training. You taught me how to do things. I realized you cared about my success.
That training gave me confidence so I could try new things. It gave me confidence to learn new things on my own.”

The rest is history.

I kept giving him training.
He kept learning. Kept trying new things. Kept getting better and better.

Today I have 10 other OFS similar to him.


But what if you don’t know how to train someone? 
What if you don’t have the time?
What if you don’t want to create this training?

Is there a shortcut?

There is…starting Monday.

On Monday I’ll show you the training I’ve created over the years to train OFS like Joven.
It’s one of my secrets…and it becomes available Monday.


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