Getting poor work back from my team has been one of the pitfalls of turning tasks 100% over to my OFS.

At times it has been really frustrating.

When something gets left undone and it seems so obvious to me, I get frustrated.

And I wasn’t sure how to fix this…until now.

About a month ago I wrote about a terrible video that got published by my OFS and about how I then assigned people to do quality assurance (QA) work.

It has changed my life!

I put a QA person in charge of software and a QA person in charge of content.  They look at everything that happens and they critique it.

They catch the problems that I was previously catching…before it gets to me!

They don’t always catch everything, but it has been so good that I often just read through conversations my team is having and don’t even have to look at the actual software or content outputs.

Watch this video example of how it’s working for me:

If you’re struggling with poor output from your team where it seems like simple fixes, consider hiring (or promoting, or…shifting someone) a QA person.


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