Last week after an amazing day of skiing, my 8yr old had a rough last run down the mountain:

He wasn’t even going very fast.  He just got tangled up and fell flat on his face with his legs spread as wide as they could be.  He couldn’t get himself up.  I had to scoot over and help him.

Frustrated and helpless.

Then, I felt the same way yesterday with my OFS.

Last year I started a podcast:

The Secret Sauce of Outsourcing Podcast

where I talk about outsourcing to the Philippines and OFS and culture and lifestyle and…It’s really just a parallel to this newsletter.

Then, a few weeks ago I decided to start recording podcast episodes as video episodes. It requires almost no extra work from me and my team publishes the podcast and also publishes the content to YouTube! Extra distribution for no extra work from me.

Except…as they published episode 54 (which was like the 20th video episode) they told me it was completed and sent me the YouTube link.  I looked at it.

I was horrified.

The video started mid sentence.
It referenced how I reacted to a feeling I hadn’t described.
It was a terrible edit of the video I had recorded which was meant for something else but got published as a video episode of my podcast.

I immediately sent the message:


and asked why it got published, why it wasn’t checked, what would make you publish something that makes me look so dumb…

I was frustrated.

About 3 hours later the video was down and a new, correct video was published.

I thanked them.

We’re now having 2 people (that are not me!) look at everything before it gets published. I told them I want them to look at everything and say “Is this right?  Does this make us/John look good?  Or is there a problem here?”

We’ll see if it works.


PS. I send this so you know outsourcing isn’t all roses for me. It takes work. I have my frustrations. But overall it allows me to do so many things there’s no way I’d do otherwise. In fact, all of this newsletter, my entire YouTube account, and the podcast would never happen if not for them. All 3 of these take me like 2 hours/week.

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