In my newsletters, videos, podcast, and blog posts, I often talk about giving your Online Filipino Specialist one task to start and training them for that task. The idea here is that by focusing on one task at the beginning, you can make sure that they’re doing that job correctly. You’ll also see if you guys fit and can have a comfortable working relationship.

So, you’ve done all that, and it’s going great. You’ve taken that task off your plate.

It’s time to give your OFS another task.

How do you do it?

Better yet, what’s the next task you should give your OFS?

When giving your OFS more tasks, it’s best to give them tasks related to an entire process. This would be easier for your OFS because it’s related to what they’re already doing.

It’s also easier for you to manage because it’s likely another task already on your plate that you already know how to do. And if you make training for this task, it’s just a continuation of what you already taught.

That’s actually how I did things when I hired Joven. I knew I wanted to get article marketing off my plate. But I knew I couldn’t just dump everything at him and say, “Hey, do all this.”

It’s not possible. He would have disappeared if I had done that.

So, I started by teaching him how to write the articles I needed.

Then I taught him to upload the articles into the right directories.

Then I taught him how to look for the keywords we needed for these articles.

Then I taught him how to promote and link to the articles he wrote.

I just kept teaching him how to do things until he eventually started learning things on his own because he wanted to be better, faster, and more efficient.

Then I had to hire more people because he was already doing so much. We hired another person to do the low-value tasks so I could have him do the high-value work.

This took years. But as I delegated more work, the team and my business kept growing.

What tasks do you have that you could hand off?
What is related to what your OFS is already doing that, with a little training, they might be able to do also?

Or, try this:
Ask your OFS what other task they think they could do to improve what they’re already working on.  Maybe they do something extra. Maybe they do something better. Maybe they think part of what you gave them is a waste of time.


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