Chances are, you’ve seen this page —>

Serious Bull

I see it every time I install a new, $38 ink cartridge into my HP 2610 printer.

I’ve had this printer for almost a decade.

And without fail, every time I install a new cartridge, it regurgitates one of these things…as if to say, “thank you for feeding me.”

The first time I saw it, I was somewhat enchanted by the idea of the tiny little bird down at the bottom.

There’s an image of him ‘pre-alignment,’ where his colors don’t line up. And then there’s a giant black arrow pointing to another image of him, ‘post-alignment:’

His colors line up.
The cartridges are ‘aligned.’
You’re both happy.

But dozens of cartridges and alignment pages later, I’ve come to realize:

It’s all bogus.
A hoax.

The EXACT same page is programmed to print every time you install a new cartridge. It’s not actually doing anything.

HP is giving you a false sense of confidence in their product, and they do it by wasting your time, your money, and your ink.

It seriously ticks me off. It’s dishonest.

I don’t trust HP anymore.

They’re pretending that they did something good when they didn’t.

Moral of the story: don’t be a pretender. In business, don’t pretend to solve a problem or fix an issue that you sincerely can’t.

You’ll just make people angry and lose their trust.

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