Years ago I was struggling running my own business.
There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I knew I needed to get others to do work, but it just didn’t work for me.

  • I tried India…disaster
  • I tried US based workers…too expensive, and they quit too quickly
  • I tried Elance, Odesk…too frustrating, it’s not automation and still depends on me

Then I found the Philippines.

The day I hired my first Filipino worker was the most liberating day of my life (thanks Kates!).
All of a sudden I was free to focus on things that actually matter in my business.

I never looked back.

I now have 11 people Filipinos for me. I love them. They’re amazing.

This ebook is the story of how I’ve done it and how you can too.

It’s the story of how I’ve replaced myself in my business and how I work the 17 hour work week.

The book is 134 pages (with lots of screenshots).

If 134 pages to change your life is too much of a commitment for you
read this introduction: Outsourcing To The Philippines: What’s it really about?
It’s only 18 pages, but reads a lot shorter than that.

In the books I teach:

  • Why outsource to the Philippines and NO WHERE ELSE!
  • How to find the best talent.
  • How to find great people for $250/month FULL-TIME!!!
  • How to have them do the work you’re currently doing.
  • How to best leverage your time and money for maximum efficiency
  • How to pay people
  • What the difficult first task is
  • The #1 problem in outsourcing to the Philippines
  • The #2 problem in outsourcing to the Philipppins
  • How To overcome #1 and #2 problems
  • What to have them do for you
  • How to find GREAT programmers for $400/month
  • How to find GREAT content writers for $250/month
  • How to find a project manager for $500/month
  • Why you need to become the CEO of your business, and how to do it with Filipino labor
  • Use Jing – it will become your best friend
  • 22 tips on hiring/managing Filipinos
  • What sites to use to search through talent
  • Cultural differences to expect
  • …I could just go on and on…but you’re wasting time already deciding, when you could be reading the book already

No opt-in required.

Just download it and read it.

It has already changed hundreds of people’s lives.

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