A great job post can do more than just advertise your need for an employee. A great job post can also attract the right kind of applicants, giving you better choices when looking for the best person for the job.

This is especially important when you’re hiring Filipino workers. A lot of business owners I know complain about why there are a lot of unqualified Filipinos inquiring about their job post or why none of the qualified Filipino workers seem to want to apply for their job postings.

It’s like Dating

I think an online job post is a lot like online dating. You want to be attractive enough for people to want to date you but you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry asking for your number. You want whoever’s interested to meet your qualifications, but you don’t want to set these qualifications too high and scare off potential dates. Nor do you want to set them too low and appear desperate.

In line with the online dating analogy, here are a few tips on how to write a great job post and attract the right kind of Filipino employees.

  1. Be clear in what you want in an employee. We all have this list in our heads on what we’re looking for in an ideal mate. We should do the same thing when we’re looking for employees. It’s easier to find the Filipino employee that you want when you spell out what you want in that employee. Let’s say you’re looking for a virtual assistant. What kind of virtual assistant are you looking for? Do you want someone with a strong background in writing, SEO, or administrative skills? This lets the potential applicant asses his qualifications early on and weeds out those who don’t make the cut.
  2. Have realistic expectations. There’s no such thing as an ideal mate in the same way there’s no such thing as a Filipino VA who has excellent English skills, can do SEO, WordPress modification, programming and website design. It’s just too much, for anyone! Ask yourself, what skills do you need for your business and what can you do without. List down the tasks that you need to be done and can’t do by yourself; that’s how you should write down the skills you’re looking for in an employee.
  3. Be the person that you want to hire. When it comes to finding employees, opposites don’t attract. Rather, it’s people with the same values and work ethics that get along together. So instead of writing down the qualities you want to see in your job applicants, write down the qualities you like about your company, your people, and the qualities you want to see in them.
  4. Use measurable criteria. If you want your date to be an animal lover, the first thing you ask if whether or not they have a pet. As much as possible, ask for references, samples or portfolios in your job posts. Those who can submit these requirements are the one most likely to be qualified for the job.

Like dating, you’ll probably have to kiss a few frogs before finding the ONE. But once you do find that perfect Filipino employee, you’ll see that they will be worth the effort and worth the wait.

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