This post is part of a series on outsourcing from a Filipino perspective.

A. (no names will be used) has worked for us for about 3 years.
We initially hired him as a programmer. After having him work for a few months, A’s skills weren’t what we (or he) thought they were. Rather than letting him go, we gave him other tasks. He’s been an invaluable member of our team ever since. We couldn’t do what we do without him.

I have been an outsource employee of John Jonas and Dan Goggins for 3 years. After working on a local company in the Philippines a friend of mine suggested that I should try applying online.Weeks after applying…

John Jonas contacted me and asked me if I am interested of being a part of their business. It was my first time working for a foreign company and the feelings of fear, hesitations and pressure were there. I gambled to work for the company and tried to be optimistic that everything will be fine after a month of hard work.

Since then, everything went well.

It was hard for me at first since I need to work from home with no office mates to talk to or ask about a problem with the things I need to do.

Later I became confident with the task John and Dan is giving me because they are always there to guide us and give us instructions on how to accomplish our tasks.

It is nice to work for someone who motivates people, who believes in the capabilities of their employees, provides them with proper training and lead them by example.

I was more motivated to work for the company when the team met on a distinguished place here in the Philippines and when John gave us an assurance with our jobs. And one good thing about that meet up is that we were not only there to talk about business but to enjoy ourselves on such rare occasion.

John and Dan did not only focus on one specific task in hiring us for the team but they have fully utilized our capabilities to work on new things through giving us training and allowing every member to teach and share ideas.

John and Dan was not only the brain in the team but they allowed us to share our thoughts to come up with a more crisp idea. They have always given us a room for improvement which a very good thing to keep us going and not getting stuck to our everyday job.