This is from my site. I’m archiving it. It’s from October 2003.

John from spoke at Paul Allens e-business class at UVSC. He was amazing. He spoke about how to make money on the internet and about how very few people realize how cheap and easy it is to do. He gave us a piece of paper on it with a bunch of links that he called a “Kit”, or, a recipe for creating a successful business online. Actually, what it is is a bunch of websites that are tools and reference points for setting up a successful business. I liked what he said so much that I’m posting it.

Here’s what he had on the paper:

“Poor people have expenses
Middle class people have liabilities they call assets
Rich people have income producing assets that pay for their liabilities”

-Robert T. Kiyosaki
Paraphrased from Rich Dad, Poor Dad

(I happen to be a huge fan of Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

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