John Breese is one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met. He’s down to
earth, real, open, willing to work, extremely knowedgeable, and a wonderful
presenter/speaker. Not to mention that he’s been tremendously successful
with his businesses.

Here are the notes I took (with my palm…so be forgiving) while he spoke
today at the UVEF luncheon:

John Bresee:
theres no such thing as overnight success
– press your head against a concrete wall and push until you’re through
Split the category.
– split off a little chunk of the marketplace for yourself. Don’t try to
take the whole market.
– someone has already had your idea. Don’t use nda’s.
– Be first in mind in your category. Be the company people think about
first when they think about your industry.
Change your industry a little so you can be first. (bgr king will never be
the num one burger joint. They need to be the number one delux burger

No inventory.
– winning company will be the company that buys the cheapest, converts the
best, and ships the cheapest.
– don’t play the channel conflict (distribution channel) don’t miss opps to
please distributors

Let customers create your product
– Build the system so that customers create the content for you. Let them market your product/service.

Find a unique marketing angle.
– give something for free but require the person to tell 3 people about it.
Unique marketing angle.

Any site that charges for a service is asking for a beatdown.
– find a way to do something for free.

Outsource programming to other countries.

Never look back lamenting about what could have been.

Showing up is 90% of life – woody allen.
– entepreneurs who will succeed are the ones who show up and get stuff done.
Get out and do.
– An entepreneur who is not sacrificing is one who is not succeeding.
– Don’t choose sleep over working on your business.

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