I’m on holiday right now. In the past week we rode our bikes from Germany to Switzerland to Austria. The Bodensee borders all 3 countries and is beautiful:

This coming Sunday, June 12 is the Philippine Independence Day. It’s a regular holiday celebrated all over the country. It commemorates the Philippines’ independence from Spain back in 1898. They declared independence on the balcony of Emilio Aguinaldo’s home (1st Philippine President) in Kawit, Cavite.

This house has been donated to the government and is now a museum. If you visit the Philippines, that balcony where they first waved the Philippine flag still exists. Also in that place is this plaque commemorating the event.

The plaque is in English!

This year, Philippine Independence falls on a Sunday. This reminded me of an email I got a while back asking what the practice is in the Philippines when a holiday falls on a Sunday? Is the following Monday declared a non-working holiday?

I know this was the practice back when the Philippines followed holiday economics, a policy that was created to boost domestic tourism and spending. But they don’t do that anymore because there are already so many holidays. So this holiday would only have an impact on your OFS if they work on a Sunday.

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