I always find it funny when people who haven’t made money with AdSense talk about how AdSense isn’t that good.

Talking about how AdSense isn’t sustainable or about how eyeballs don’t equal money just because neither worked for you is ignorance.

Talking about anything saying that it doesn’t work or that it isn’t possible, just because you haven’t done it, is ignorance.

I personally know over 10 people who are making more than $20,000 per month JUST on AdSense and have been doing so for quite some time. This month I will personally make quite a bit on AdSense.

“AdSense” itself may not be sustainable forever. However, advertising has been around for a very long time online, isn’t going anywhere, and will just evolve over time, like it has over the life of the internet. If AdSense (or yahoo’s version, or msn’s version, or all the other contextual ad competitors out there) fail at some point, or cease to be profitable, advertisers just need to evolve. And they will.

How about pay per action programs? They seem pretty sustainable long term. Those just take eyeballs to make money. Period.

Unless you are SURE something doesn’t work, you shouldn’t talk.