I know a lot of people read my blog who aren’t LDS (mormon) like I am. I grew up going to church and living the LDS lifestyle.

On our trip we drove past a few signs that point to Manti which got me thinking about our annual trip to Manti to see the Manti Pagaent. Last year when we were there we stayed overnight at the Yardley Inn and Spa bed and breakfast and got up in the morning and went to the mormon temple in Manti. It’s a fabulous building with a super rich history behind it. Thinking about how the temple sits on a hill got me thinking about the view of the Provo Mormon Temple and the Mt. Timpanogos Mormon temple that my friends the Kristensens will have when their new house is built in Saratoga Springs. It’s an amazing view of Utah county where they can see both Mormon Temples.

I thought some of the people who read my blog who aren’t Mormon, might be interested in some of the things I believe. Mormon Temples aren’t meant to be misterous places, they’re just sacred places where we (mormons) go to learn more about Jesus Christ and his plan for our salvation.