On Tuesday my email was about protecting yourself from your OFS.

What if your OFS needs protecting from themselves?

I have someone who runs our advertising. 

She has done it for a few years for us. 

Facebook ads
Insta ads
Google ads
Linkedin ads

She sticks to budgets.
She gives reports.
Generally she does a pretty good job (I think…I don’t really know anything about FB type advertising so I have no idea how to evaluate what she’s doing.  At least it’s getting done.)

On Thursday she made a typo.

The budget was supposed to be $18,500

She typed $185,000.

Accidentally adding that extra zero made FB go crazy with the ads.

$58,000 in 2 days before we caught it and shut it down. 

Most of it was unprofitable.  Facebook increased our CPM a LOT and showed the ads to less relevant people. 

Monday morning she resigned. 

It was an accident.  A typo.

I told her I didn’t want her to resign, I just wanted her to be better. 
Try to get some of the money back from FB since it was so obviously out of our normal patterns and obviously a typo.
Anyone could have made the mistake (someone in the US included).

She’s still with us. 

I hope I did the right thing.


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