I found this comment on my benefits newsletter from Jacqui

Hi there,
I went back and re-discovered this blog post because I want to offer my OFS healthcare.
My OFS is expecting twins in March next year and I would like to provide her with the best (but most affordable/good value) that there is out there. I don’t have a big agency so it will be a very large commitment for me, but Lea has been exceptional in the time we’ve worked together.

I sent the email to my OFS (online Filipino Specialist), Jamie, and this is her answer:

Regarding finding the best healthcare for Jacqui’s OFS, it would depend on:
1. where she lives
2. what hospital/doctors she has access to.

Jacqui will need her OFS’s help with this as she will be the one who’ll be benefiting from it. I suggest that Jacqui instructs her OFS to ask her doctor and the hospital administration what health insurance providers they’re currently accepting.

The OFS can then go to this website: https://www.mariahealth.ph/, ( a directory for all the health insurance providers in the Philippines)  search for the health insurance providers, find the plans available, and show you the ones that best suit her needs AND your budget.

The OFS can also download this guide to help them figure out which plan(s) would best suit their needs: https://www.mariahealth.ph/contact_us/?reason=health-basics-guide

Regarding the cost, the cheapest we found around that time would cost around $150 a year, but we’re not sure if it would cover maternity expenses. But for more information about overall cost, John wrote about that here: https://johnjonas.com/whats-the-ballpark-cost-for-ofs-benefits/

I think the best option for the OFS (and Jacqui, the employer) , given how close her due date is, would be to make sure that the OFS is up to date with her SSS and Philhealth benefits (if she has them).

SSS covers maternity benefits (2 and 1/2 month’s salary) if she’s paid at least 3 contributions.

Philhealth covers hospitalization for the mother and the baby if she has paid at least 9 contributions https://ph.theasianparent.com/philhealth-maternity-benefits

Health insurance could take weeks to process and might not offer maternity benefits immediately after signing up. The OFS can sign up for SSS and PhilHealth within the week and catch up on her contributions within the year. She’ll be able to avail of them by the time she gives birth.


Jamie (my OFS) is so smart!