Do you keep a swipe file of sales copy and squeeze pages and interesting marketing tactics?

If not, why not?

Here’s why you do it.

When you want to create a sales/squeeze page for yourself, you can go back through all the pages you’ve bookmarked and just pull the pieces out of them that you like.

When you’re ready to test different elements of your pages, you can just go back through your swipe file and pull out the different elements that other people have to test.

Here’s a head start for you.

There’s some of my swipe files (easily worth $100 just having that).

I keep my stuff on because it’s easy, it’s online, and I never have to worry about losing it when my computer crashes.


When you’re ready to do your next sales page, go through the swipe pages you have and record them with jing, and tell the person you’re giving it to (hopefully your guy in the Philippines) what you like about each page.

Here’s an example video I did (using Jing) of how I would create a page:
How to create a sales page using a swipe file