Last night I was listening to a radio program about nanotechnology that was
fascinating. I don’t know very much about it other than it’s a science of
manipulating atoms and molecules on a very small level.

What was so fascinating about it were the technologies the guy described
that were being created with the technology. He described a surveilance
technology that has the capability of taking video, audio, and other
measurements, and of communicating them back to somewhere that is the size
of a dust particle and is light enough to float on air. Imagine the
possibilities for fighting terrorism or for medical research.

The guy also talked about two announcements that have been made in the past
month by two different companies saying they had been able to harnass solar
energy in a way never before accomplished. They have been able to create
solar cells that are 100 times smaller and 100 times more efficient than
previous solar panels. He said the University of Toronto has been talking
about creating “solar paint” which is paint that would be able to generate
electricity from the suns energy. He sais theres more than enough energy
to power all cars coming from the sun every day if we could harness it with
this technology. This could solve all of the worlds energy problems.