We’re finally at that point where things are somewhat going back to normal. Yes, Omicron is raging, but we’re close to getting back to the lives we had before we ever heard of Covid.

Kids are in school.
Travel is opening up (depending on the day…)
We’ve all realized remote work is good.

Now’s the best time to hire an OFS (online Filipino specialist).

Yes, you’re busy.
Hopefully your business is growing or recovering.
As you build your momentum, there’s going to be more work ahead.

Want to build your business differently?

Build it based around having other people do the work.

Here’s how to start.

Pick one task you think you can get someone else to do.
Hire an OFS to do that one task.

Since it’s something you know how to do hiring that person is easy!  Go to OnlineJobs.ph and search for the skill you need.  Look at some profiles.  Then post a job.
You’ll find the process super simple.

It won’t work out perfectly the first time (well…it might, but often it doesn’t). Work with them to get it right. It won’t take long.

Then…when they’re getting that one task done, ask if they can take another task.

Without needing to hire someone else, go through the process again.

What happens next is AMAZING!

The next time you sit to do something you don’t want to do, you’ll think “hmmm…I wonder if I could get someone else to do this for me?”

From that point on, your business is different. You’ll work less, be more effective, and be better at creating growth.

Want my help through the hiring process?  www.OneVAAway.com

Ready to jump in? www.OnlineJobs.ph

If your business is drowning you, grab the lifeline!