Scott listened to one of my webinars where I teach how to outsource to the Philippines.
He knew he should be outsourcing, but his business wasn’t quite there yet.

We met when he took me to play golf at Trump National.
I told him I thought he should be doing “local business marketing.”
The rest is history.

He’s succeeding.
He’s making money.
He’s outsourcing all the work.

For your listening pleasure.

picture of scott

Things to learn from Scotts experience:

  1. Scott was struggling with building niche sites (1:15)
  2. Sticking with what works for you (the grass isn’t always greener!) (1:50)
  3. Scotts business model (2:20) – I love this! He’s learning from OfflineBiz
  4. Make sales first! (2:58)
  5. Everything’s confusing, how to gain confidence (4:20)
  6. How much money he’s making (5:25)
  7. What work his outsourcers are doing for him (6:24)
  8. How much to pay his GUY in the Philippines ($75/week) (6:40)
  9. Things his GUY in the Philippines does for him and his clients (6:50) (includes WordPress, graphics, videos, video editing, video marketing)
  10. The work Scott does vs the work his GUY does (8:05)
  11. A glimpse at Scotts workflow process (8:40)
  12. Teaching someone to do something you didn’t hire them to do (9:02)
  13. Scotts hiring criteria and hiring process (9:43)
  14. Mindset and tasks for how to keep someone busy (12:35)
  15. Scotts final words on business model and the highest payoff tasks (14:44)

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