This post is part of a series on outsourcing from a Filipino perspective.

Read the story below! It’s amazing

There are a lot of smart, hard-working Filipinos out there who can’t find jobs because of illness. F is one of those people.
When I hired her she was asking for $100/month.
She never thought she’d be able to work…ever.

“Outsourcing Made Me Feel Useful”

It was late in November 2008 when I heard about online jobs. I am staying at home, actually recovering from a long and I can say hard to face Guillein Barre Syndrome. I honestly don’t know where to start my life again, but I realized that this wasn’t the end of my story. I will work and earn, have a family and live like others do. So I posted my resume at a particular site and then two days after, here’s John Jonas asking “Are you still looking for job?”, so definitely I replied asap. God knows he changed my life; this job lifted me up in all aspects. I had doubts to be honest at first because I have questions in my mind and I can now tell everyone who is patiently reading this that:

From the very start, both employer and employee should know what the job they will work on is. Video trainings, Instructional documents are helpful too, and OPEN COMMUNICATION. Most Filipinos are respectful; I said most because I know were not all that kind. But if employers show smooth, kind and open to different ideas of his employee, well, working tandem will smoothly flow. On the other hand, if employees shows disrespect, fails most of the time in doing his tasks, then Sir/s and Madam/s, do an action. ASK them why, what is the problem? so both will benefit from each other in case you regain the working relationship.

I actually don’t know what I am going to do from the very start but since I was given great trainings, unpressured tasks, get to know each other not too personally but almost, everything went well.

I am not that good in English. But I can write contents, follow instructions, do my tasks not at all times, do self-study when team is busy and always honest.

We are not perfect workers but we make things possible in honest ways. Whenever we don’t know what to do, we ask. Though others don’t and just disappeared. When we need to do something that is on our working hours, we tell our employers, through e-mails, text messaging, or a phone call what we need to do, where, why(if not too private) or whatever it is. It is because we want them to know what situation we’re into. We believe that employers are not stone too; they know how to listen, understand and appreciate the honesty Filipinos are doing.

!Sharing: I have been hospitalized for many times, I am weak, my immune system. And all those times, my team was there, I let them know and I really appreciate their concerns. In all aspects, they were there especially Sir John. And the last time was when I gave birth by c-section. Premature. It was so wonderful experience though life seems to be tough on me. She lived for three days and it was so hard. I can’t move on easily, but the team was there. They never left me.

Honesty is really a great weapon in facing life. Work goes along with it and the nice people.

Employers get Filipino workers because we are not idiots. They hire us because, they can trust us, we are not perfect but we are giving our bests, we are contented with worth it salaries they offer, we are honest and respectful. Because if not, then why is numbered of Filipino now are on online jobs?

To achieve great Filipino workers, I can say that from the start, whole name, contact numbers and addresses should be of employers’ knowledge. Don’t start with high salary so as to see employees’ eagerness and loyalty in working with the employer. Give them tasks that fit our skills. Employers hired us in the first place. If not contented with the work, then let us do other things, in that way, we can pay you done tasks in return and we learn at the same time.
If possible, implement GIVE AND TAKE relationship. Fairness results harmonious work bonding.

I am almost four years now working with Sir John on websites (promoting, doing contents, setting up and updating), and recently with Sir Dan (on database).

*FYI: I knew nothing when I started and with team’s open communication, self study and proper instructions and video trainings as well, I now do different stuffs. I earn and learn at the same time. Thanks to our team!