In preparation for next year, we just updated our online Philippine Holiday calendar to include the holidays for 2022.

In addition to updating the calendar, we also changed the way we labeled the holidays. Now they start with the letters:

RH – for Regular holidays
SNW – for Special Non-working Holidays
SW – for Special Working Holidays

Regular holidays (RH) are the ones most Filipino observe. These are the holidays where you offer paid time off. These are days where banks are closed. If you need to make them work over the holidays, you’ll want/need to pay them more.

Special working (SW) holidays are regular workdays; Filipinos just mark it in their calendar to commemorate an event. This is not a day off work.

Special non-working (SNW) holidays follow the “no work, no pay” principle. They are entitled to time off but you don’t need to pay them for that day. Most of my team don’t take these days off, but some do. We don’t deduct from their salary if they don’t work…we still pay them.

These holiday benefits don’t apply to all. If you want to know more about Philippine holidays, paid time off, and benefits, we have a blog post about it here: