This morning Dave switched the site to point to We should start seeing lots of traffic. It’l be interesting to see how the open source community reacts to our selling it.

We’re not actually selling phpLDAPadmin. We’re just selling a service to get it. People are free to download it from their homes, but if they’re downloading it from a business location, we require them to pay for the download. There are so many people out there who are open source heads that don’t understand the GPL. When we asked about selling it, people flipped out all over the place. Lots of them said “You can’t do that!!!” because it’s GPL’d. The reality is that the gpl allows you to do all kinds of stuff (and disallows all kinds of stuff too). I personally don’t think I’ll ever release any software I write under the GPL because it takes a lot of rights out of your hands.

It’l be interesting to see the reaction we get.