This post is part of a series on outsourcing from a Filipino perspective.

R. really lays it on the line here. He’s brutally honest about the fact that there are bad employees out there. Once you read his words you’ll realize that bad employees are something that frustrates good Filipino workers as much as it infuriates employers. Bad employees are bad for business. Bad employees are also bad for Filipino employees because it ruins their reputation and limits their job options. I know that they personally don’t want to work with this type of people.

My favorite part is his “Causes.”

Problem 4: Really Bad Employees

I don’t want to be one sided on this article. I also want to tell you that just like on other countries, there are really bad employees in the Philippines. There are people who just want to get money and give little or no work for it. These people are people who think about what they can get and not thinking of what they can give. That is bad and I personally don’t want these kinds of people.

I don’t know! Maybe they are raised that way.

I would suggest that you should not give any money to those who are newly hired and to those you don’t give your full trust to. But as I know most Filipino workers don’t ask for a down payment. If you feel that they are only getting your money and they are not working, I suggest you talk to them. Maybe they are into certain problems that they cannot work well. But if they are not communicating, reporting for months, let’s say 6 months, and they keep on getting their salary, I suggest you let go of them.

I suggested this because I do believe that employers should also be honest enough to pay us after we have delivered the work. I have a friend who is not paid after working for 8 hours a day for 15 days. I hope we can also do away with those kinds of employers.

These are some of the problems I find in outsourcing to the Philippines. I think in order to prevent these kinds of problems; you need to have a good relationship with your employee. Establish trust on both parties.

  1. Problem 1: Employees suddenly disappeared
  2. Problem 2: Dishonest Employees
  3. Problem 3: Demotivated Employees

Watch out next week for more guest posts from my Filipino employees.

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