What I’m about to say is totally optional for you.

But it’s also really good.

I give my workers at Onlinejobs.ph additional pay for insurance premiums. I pay for their PhilHealth, health insurance, and SSS.

Because I don’t have a business entity in the Philippines, I can’t pay for these benefits directly. I reimburse after they’ve made their payments.

How do I know if they really paid for these benefits? Specifically for PhilHealth and SSS. Do they just tell me they’ve paid for it, and I just send them the money?

Of course not.

We reimburse them after they send in their receipts.

As I mentioned, Filipinos are mostly honest and will be glad you’re paying for these premiums. They’ll be happy to get those receipts to you.

If they send bogus receipts for those and ask you for the money, they are cheating themselves more. By not paying the premiums, they’ll miss out on the protection and benefits of government-mandated insurance.

You can also ask for their transaction records if they didn’t keep the receipts. Filipinos can access their Philhealth (https://memberinquiry.philhealth.gov.ph/member/)  and SSS (https://member.sss.gov.ph/) transaction history through their websites. It’ll show the record of their contributions, loans, etc.


PS. on my ride today I broke my bike saddle. We snobby people who ride bicycles seriously don’t call it a “seat”, we call it a “saddle”. Mine is (was) all carbon. I got careless with where I leaned my bike and it fell. Carelessness…such a curse.