In the past 2 weeks I’ve had 3 different friends call me to ask me what I though of

After all three told me they were making lots of money with it, I decided I had better look into it to at least warn them if they’re in danger of losing the money they’ve put into it.

Basically the site promises you a 44% return on your money (up to $6,000 invested) in 18 days. Obviously this is crazy money.

So my question was how are they financing this? How do they pay you $8600 when 18 days earlier you put in $6,000 (because all three of my friends have had this happen to them)?

I thought maybe they had some well thought up advertising scheme where people pay $0.01 per page view on their website or something like that. They thought it was like a pyramid scheme. I didn’t see how it could have been a pyramid scheme with so many people making money from it but alas…the answer comes in their FAQ:

:: How can you afford to pay at this high rate?
In order to insure the long term success and sustainability of 12daily Pro, your upgrade earnings are financed not only on incoming member fees, but also with multiple income streams including advertising, and off-site investments. In addition, the fact that we only payout to upgraded members allows us grow our reserve fund at an exponentially faster rate than other programs.

Your earnings are financed on incoming member fees!

So what happens to your earnings when there aren’t incoming members?

So yeah, basically the surfing is a way of turning an illegal pyramid scheme into a legal “venture”.

If you’re involved I’m not telling you to get out, especially if you’re making money.

But, I am warning you. This will end at some point.

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