I love to ski.

My wife…not so much.

Part of it for her is just fear.

What if I’m cold?
What if I get hurt?
What if it’s not fun?

At some point she has made mistakes (we all do) and each of those things have happened to her.

On occasion, it has stopped her from going with me.  Like this day:

Which was a day with no mistakes, and everything was beautiful.

In hiring OFS, I see the same story from you.

Fear of making mistakes.
Fear of everything not going perfectly.
Fear of spending time and having it go down the drain.

When I started I had that fear too.

The first thing I did was a mistake.  I went to India.

I know they have a lot of fantastic workers there, but the culture just didn’t fit with how I ran my business.

Now I know to go to the Philippines.  The whole experience is better.

My second mistake was hiring freelancers.

The freelancer I hired was great. He did an excellent job writing. But it was the only thing he could do, write. I couldn’t ask him to do more because that’s not part of the deal we had. I still had to do everything else with what he wrote and I hated it. The more work I gave him, the more work I had to do myself.

Now I know to hire long-term people. The business starts to automate itself when you have stable people working for you.

Next I tried the agency route.

It was fine until both me and the VA realized I was paying $750 and he was getting $250 (today this is more like you pay $2000 and he gets $500).

He quit.
That stinks.

Today I know that going direct is a lot more efficient both in terms of money and time. The OFS gets the full amount I pay him. Finding someone myself is faster and easier and more reliable than going through an agency (I went through 3 workers at the agency because they just kept pulling people off the streets and telling me “they’re super qualified”).

I’ve made mistakes since, but they’re a lot less consequential. Most of my mistakes since don’t flush my time down the toilet like these first 3 did.

Here are the 9 biggest questions people ask me about hiring OFS (and their answers).



PS. If you never take the leap and get over the fear, you never get the reward! Today I have ~40 OFS working for me building my business every day.