So everyday, it’s the same thing with my kids.

They get home and I ask, “How was school today?”. And they say, “Good.”

So instead of asking, “How was school today?” I started asking them, “What did you do at recess today?”. 

Or, “Who did you eat lunch with?” 

“What funny thing happened at school today?”

I just want a daily report from them of what’s going on. And mostly, I just want to interact with them. 

With my people in the Philippines, it’s not that different. I want a daily report to know what they’re working on.I want to know what’s going on in the business and what got done and what didn’t.  

But also, I just want an excuse to interact with them. A reason for them to tell me what they’re doing so that I can give feedback and provide direction. 

So, here’s what daily reports look like. I ask people to answer 3 questions:
– What did you work on today
– What problems did you run into?
– What can I help you with?

Some reports are super simple. Some are long.  Depends on the person and the type of work they’re doing.

I rarely get answers to all 3 questions.  Usually, I just get “What did you work on today.” But, occasionally I do get problems they ran into. Often they’ll also propose a solution.

And then, because they know those are the questions, every once in a while people come to me with what I can help them with. 

To me, the daily report keeps the working relationship working. 

What questions do you ask your OFS in their daily reports? 


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