Since I’ve been learning so much recently from the Traffic Equalizer community, I’ve realized that they’ll pay for good software. Actually…they have no hesitations about paying for software that will make them more money…or will help something they already have make money.

Well, I have built some software that goes with TE that helps TE sites make more money so I asked people if they’d be interested. The response was overwhelming. So I made it a little more useable and have given it to someone to test.

Then as I was thinking about pricing structure, I was struck with inspiration that instead of selling the software, I could just give it away but write into it that every page would link back to one of my sites!

This is the idea I’ve been looking for. I blogged a while back about the free hit counter business model and how great it is because it builds pagerank for you. Well, this is just as good as that because this software actually generates the pages that people will put on the internet. And…people’s whole goals is to generate and get indexed as many pages as possible. That’s how they make money. Sooooo, If I can create a program that they’ll use because it’l do a better job than what they’re currently using, and I can figure out how to get them to use it (marketing), I can (in theory) get thousands of links to my sites.

I’ve gotta say I’m super excited about this.