I’m sorry that this email is really late. I was out for an entire week and didn’t have internet. So I just found out about Typhoon Karding and how devastating it was when I got back. With it happening around the same time as Hurricane Ian, last week was a pretty bad week for the Filipinos and business owners affected by these natural disasters.

Karding was a really strong storm that affected a big part of Central Luzon (check out my post about the basics of Philippine geography to know where that is). It destroyed thousands of homes and caused millions of pesos in damage. It was so bad that five rescuers died while they were saving people.

Here at home, Hurricane Ian caused power outages and flooding in Florida and Puerto Rico. People losing their homes and their livelihoods.

I know it seems bleak, but this is one of those times when the best of humanity shines. Let’s just help each other. Help your neighbors. Help your friends. Help your Filipino team. When we help each other, that’s how we can get through anything.