Next Tuesday I’ll be releasing UnderCoverProfits, which is going to change the way a whole bunch of people do affiliate marketing.

See…in the past, when promoting other people’s products, what most people have done is pick a program to promote, and then go test it on Adwords to see if they can make it profitable. It takes time to pick the right program, and it takes time and money to test.

UnderCoverProfits reverses the process. Instead of spending money to test, it uses other people’s testing to figure out for you what affiliate programs will be profitable, so that you can start your campaigns knowing that they’re going to be profitable from the beginning.

It’s the exact opposite of the big hype right now about keyword level conversion tracking. With keyword conversion tracking, you test keywords on your own dime. With UnderCoverProfits, you test keywords and affiliate programs on other people’s dime.

If you’re looking to promote your own product on Adwords, as a competitive intelligence tool, I don’t know anything that will give you better information about your competitors than UnderCoverProfits. It will show you what keywords they’re bidding on, and which of those keywords are profitable for them.

So far our beta testing has been amazing. About 85% of the beta testers are now making money as affiliates on Adwords where they previously weren’t.

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