My daughter just got braces

Braces suck!!!

They’re painful, eating hurts, gums hurt, they look and feel awkward.

Now, instead of every 6 months, you have to go to the dentist every month!
What could be worse?

Even worse, it’s like everyone is staring at you all the time.

That’s kind-of like time tracking.

Jairo R writes:
“How do I clock or keep track of my assistant´s working time. I have had some difficulties knowing which apps would make a good tool to register this info and keep a close watch on your money at the end of every week.”

Before I tell you why you shouldn’t do it, let me answer the question.

1. TimeProof is free at  It tracks working time. It takes screenshots so you can verify.  It uploads to your account.  You don’t have to have a subscription for this, it works with the free account. 

2. I think Hubstaff is probably the best time tracker out there.  I don’t really know because I haven’t used it. It’s the most popular.

I don’t use time tracking with my team.

1. Filipino workers don’t like it.
I mean, who would???

2. It builds distrust. 
If your employer was forcing you to track every second of your time and taking screenshots, how would you feel?  Would you have good feelings towards your employer?
Would you trust them?

Probably not.

3. It’s pretty reasonable to figure out if someone is working or not. After you’ve worked together for a few weeks you have a really good idea of how productive they should be. You know if they’re working or not. 

This is another reason I don’t pay hourly wages.  I pay a salary.  It’s one less thing to worry about.

If they’re working 34 or 40 hours/week, does it really matter? 
The real question is, are they productive for you? 
Is it working out?  
Are they contributing more value to your business than you’re paying them?

If not, maybe it’s time to make some changes. 

I tried using time tracking in my business. 

I didn’t like it.
My team hated it.

You’re more than welcome to use TimeProof (or HubStaff).
There’s just a better way based on trust and productivity and daily reporting.


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