You know what question a get asked the most about outsourcing?

It’s not “How do I find a trustworthy employee?”
It’s not “How much should I pay them?”
It’s not “How can I know if they really have the skill to do the work”?


The biggest question I get is:

“How can I be sure that they are actually working while I am paying them?”

AND “If I am paying them by hour how can I know that it takes them as long as they claim?

Over the years this has been a major pain for me.
I mean, if someone’s only working 15 hours/week it’s pretty hard to know that.
It’s hard to know if they’re working 2 jobs or just one (for me!).

I tried using Odesk’s screen capture software to validate things…what a pain in the butt.
That took more of my time to manage than it was worth.

I tried using manual time tracking software (like DotProject) but that didn’t work either.
Too easy to fake, too difficult to control.

Then I stumbled upon a system that came really close to what I wanted.
I’ve been working with it and tweaking it for the past 2 years.
Finally, I have the PERFECT solution for knowing exactly what’s going on.

An elegant outsourcing tracking solution that:

  1. Works for tracking outsourcers
  2. Is inexpensive and simple to use, with virtually no ramp up time
  3. It tracks, down to the SECOND, how much time people are spending on what activities and what web pages – telling you EXACTLY what they are doing, and where your money is disappearing.

But not only that…. Turns out it allows you to increase their productivity and save at least 10 hours of productive time per person per week.

Seriously, how you ever wondered how productive are your Filipino employees?
(or any employees for that matter) Do you really KNOW?

Now you can.

Introducing – Productivity and Time Tracking for Outsourced Workers.


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