Isn’t it funny that we do these things we call “New Years Resolutions” where we swear to ourselves that we’re going to do something.

Yet…the whole point of these things is that we’re going to put off doing them until the new year comes.

And, since you don’t start something on a Tuesday, this year we’re going to put off starting our new habits until Monday, January 7.

So, a month ago, you decided to procrastinate losing weight because there was something special about January 1 (well, now January 7 because that’s a monday).

And 2 weeks ago you decided that January 1 was a magical day when you would work on making money outside of your current job, or you would be more patient with your kids, or you would be a better person.

January 1 doesn’t have any magic. That’s why new years resolutions almost always fail.

Procrastination is bad. And generally that’s what a resolution is. It’s something we’ve procrastinated, and something we knew we were going to procrastinate until the new year.

What happens if you need to lose weight in July? You’re going to get fatter until January 1? That really stinks.

I don’t do new years resolutions because when I realize I need to change something in my life, I make a big effort to change it today.

If I need to lose weight (which has happened a few times), I stop drinking chocolate shakes at 9:30 at night today. If I need to stop spending so much time on email, I close my email browser today.

Of course, I always write these things down in my todo list and email them to myself.

Make your new years resolution for 2008 to not need to have any 2009 new years resolutions. Resolve to change your life “today”, every day this year. You’ll have a much more productive year if you do.