I like to keep things simple. Simple = efficiency.

I try to do this in all aspects of my life.

If you’ve watched any of my videos you’ll notice I only wear single color t-shirts.  No logos. Nothing fancy (except for my one green/gray striped shirt…that’s my “fun” shirt).

They’re all the same style, same brand, same length. It’s my way of keeping my clothes simple.


Simplicity is especially important when you’re just starting with anything, including hiring an OFS. I know some of you have looked at my newsletters, my book, my videos, etc. At first glance, it seems complicated. Taxes, Employee vs contract worker, PTO, holidays, benefits, hourly vs salary… But the more you pay attention, it gets simpler.

Here’s the thing, if you focus on every little thing that can go wrong without even trying to hire a Filipino worker, you’ll never do it. The safest thing to do, to avoid making mistakes, would be to do nothing.

This also means that nothing changes.
You’re always going to be too busy.
You’re always going to be overwhelmed.
You’re always going to have so much to do.

Now’s the time to take the leap.
Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

That’s what I aim to achieve with OneVAAway. It’s my step by step way of cutting the complexity from hiring to make it simple for you.

Are you going to make mistakes? Maybe.
You can do better.

At least attempting to hire someone brings progress.

And it brings progress towards simplifying your life.