School is out.  

I have 5 kids. 

Without school they think staying up late is a right.
Getting up late is just part of it.
Hanging out with friend is a must!

I’ve worked from home for 15+ years, so this isn’t my first summer…but I feel like I’ve lost my freedom.

It’s not quite the same as losing face which is part of the Philippines culture.

When I explain why OFS disappear, I often equate it to losing face. 

I recently asked one of my OFS if this was a good analogy. Here’s what she said:

Yes, losing face would be the closest thing to it. When something goes wrong, there’s this strong fight or flight response that we just can’t shake. Even when it’s not our fault or something we can’t control. I think it’s a cultural thing. We know it doesn’t make sense. We just feel it. Not just in work but in everyday life.

Like, just today. Jam ordered lunch for us and had it delivered. The food wasn’t what we expected. It wasn’t good. For other people, the first response would be to be upset at the restaurant because it wasn’t good. Jam’s first response was to feel bad because my daughter and I didn’t like the lunch that he ordered.

Does it make sense?

There’s a social and a relationship component to it. 
Filipino culture doesn’t like to disappoint. 
Letting them know you’re disappointed generally doesn’t help your relationship.