I’m in the middle of Timothy Ferris’ book The 4-Hour Work Week and it prompted me to write this blog entry.

He talks about going on an information diet. Not reading the newspaper, watching the news, reading blogs, talking on the phone, going to meetings…

I decided a few months ago that I was going to do this. I wanted to JUST work on my business and on making money.

Not that I don’t think that being part of society and being informed is important, but for me, right now, getting my business running in an automated way is more important.

And I have succeeded at it.

It took a few months.

But, after a few months of hard work and separating myself from stuff that just distracts from what is really important, I have things running to the point that I can now concentrate on the stuff I want to concentrate on.

For the past 4 months I haven’t blogged. I haven’t read other people’s blogs. I haven’t worked on stuff that doesn’t make me money. I haven’t really gone to meetings. I stopped going to the UVEF luncheons that were fun, but a waste of 4 hours of a day.

I have participated in a weekly mastermind group with some brilliant internet minds and it has been worth every minute of it.

My point in writing this is that I think that sometimes we get too caught up in the popular things people do. The problem with this is that the reason they’re popular is because they’re easy. Easy things don’t often lead to the successes we want.

It’s also much easier to do good in this world when you have money and time to spend.

I hope to write some of the insights I’ve gained over the past months at some point. No guarantees. I’ve seen a lot of good…I’ve seen a lot of bad.

I’ve seen that if you really concentrate on the most important things to get done, you can make a lot of progress towards the things you want to get done.

Stop answering email as an excuse to why you aren’t successful!

Read Tim’s book.