We hit 300 bloggers sometime last week. We have 335 right now, and our alexa rank is climbing pretty quickly.

Not bad for having only launched it less than 2 months ago. Especially considering that the site looks terrible, isn’t very clear for how to refer someone, and I haven’t really started marketing it yet.

We have some big marketing campaigns slated for the near future, which include a bigger PPC campaign, a PR campaign, an emailing campaign (I met 2 people this weekend at the Big Seminar who have mailing lists of 650,000 and 15 million business opportunity seekers, who have double opted in to their lists…and they’re very willing to send an email about it), a newspaper press campaign, and finally a campaign to get the users to promote it more than they are already doing it.

I have had quite a few users ask me how they can promote their own blog and I’m putting together a plan for them.

The best part about the growth are the emails I get from people saying they’re starting to make money. It’s amazing how much confidence making just a little extra money will give you. If you can do it online once, you can repeate it 100 or 1000 times.

Plus, the more the site grows, the more money each person is going to make because people on the site read each others blogs.


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