“Direct Linking” is an old school internet business model where you buy PPC clicks and send the clicks straight to an affiliate program.

It was really popular (and REALLY profitable) from 2000 – 2006.
Since then, everyone say it doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve heard people say “You can’t do direct linking, Google won’t allow it.”

While direct linking doesn’t work as well as it once did, I’m here to say:
I know because we do it.

Here’s proof.
I took screenshots of an adwords account and of affiliate income from the past 6 months (November – April).



To sum it up

Income: $2090.12
– Expenses: $437.56
= Profit: 1652.56
Profit per month: $275.42

For members of ReplaceMyself.com, the business model we use is outlined in detail in the “Business-in-a-Box.” All members have access to it.
The “Business-in-a-Box” is designed to be given to a Filipino employee and have them implement it for you.

Like I’ve always said, this isn’t something that will make you rich. It’s not designed to make you $100,000,000,000.
It IS designed to help you get someone working for you quickly, with little to no intervention on your part, and hopefully have them start making money for you.

We just finished updating the “Business-in-a-Box” training so it’s current and has all the training someone needs to get started doing it today.

No, I’m not getting rich off this income.
Does direct linking still work?
YES, yes it does.

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