I love getting useful tips from other employers.

I just got one from Vin Carrano when he responded to my email about using LastPass with my OFS. It turns out he was using LastPass too. This led to an email exchange about a problem some of you wrote to me about: giving your OFS access to your credit card when paying for subscriptions or services.

He shared how you can give your OFS access to your credit card to make payments without giving them access to your card.

Here’s what Vin did.

  • He uses the Capital One Spark card which allows him to create virtual card numbers that only work on one URL
  • He created a virtual card for Jane (his OFS) and assigned it to the vendor URL he has to pay invoices on.
  • He shared access to this card through LastPass.
  • He created a video to teach Jane how to pay invoices.
  • Jane takes over paying the invoices for that site.
  • Vin said it saves him hours of time every week.

It’s just brilliant.

He’s secure because the card is only used on one site. His OFS can’t spend it anywhere else. If he needs to pay on other sites, he can easily create another card and share access to his OFS.

He’s secure because he can set a spend limit on the virtual cards. There’s no chance his OFS would overspend. (This would have been super helpful back when my OFS overspent on FB ads.)

He’s secure because he can deactivate the card at any time.

He gets hours back because Jane has taken over that job.

He recommends using the Capital One Spark card. There’s also Privacy.com and Wise.com being advertised in a lot of places.

So yeah, virtual cards are amazing. Thank you so much Vin for the tip!

If you guys have other tips for me, I’d love to hear them. Let’s share the wisdom and help make our businesses and lives better!