Everyone wants to hire experienced workers. I get it.

An experienced OFS can get to work right away. They require less training and onboarding, giving you a faster investment return.

…in theory.

But you know what? Some of the best people I’ve hired were newbies. They didn’t have any experience. They didn’t know how to do anything. But they were the most loyal, hard-working people who have done amazing things for my business.

Take my project manager, Joven. I had to teach him everything when he first started. If I were just looking for experience back then, I wouldn’t have given him a chance.

Now, he’s a rockstar and my number one worker.

That’s why I like to keep an open mind when hiring. Yeah, newbies require a lot of training and handholding. But most businesses have a lot of tasks that require training in order to hand them off.  You’re going to have to train anyone.

Until you’ve hired a team, consider hiring someone who is new and willing to be taught.

Newbies are also cheaper than experienced workers.

You’ll also get more applicants because there are more inexperienced workers out than experienced ones.

Inexperienced Filipino workers are now more technically proficient than the ones I encountered ten years ago.

I’ve also made training easier, so you don’t have to worry even if you hire a newbie. Just go to VAsMadeEasy.com. You’ll love it because it’s less work for you. Your new hire will love it because they want the opportunity to learn on the job.

If you’re putting off hiring because you’re worried about finding someone super experienced, maybe hiring someone less experienced will be easier for you.  I’ve talked to a lot of employers who were glad their first hire was someone they could teach.


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