This is the 5th email of 5 about why OFS sometimes work mindlessly.

Surprisingly, I had quite a few different people talk about family with regards to mindless work.

Like, when they don’t feel like they’re part of a family, they don’t care about the work.

This translates to the culture of the company and how much they’re cared for.

Quotes from my team:

– “Some never felt that they are part of the “family” organization…thus, they would never care. “

– “Lack of respect from peers, colleagues at work or even at the personal level.”

– “When we were still starting, it really felt like a family, and once you were introduced to one person, we wanted to talk to each other a lot when we had problems. I loved everyone! We would also reach out to each other when there were problems. However, the team has grown so much, the industry has changed, and the work from home environment is also very different now.”

– “Most Filipinos today no longer look at their online work as family, as we have. They just see work, with the same weight and value as they see any 8-5 job.”

Filipinos are caring. Loving. Very service oriented.

When they don’t feel this being reciprocated, it’s very off-putting to them.

If they don’t feel cared for, they return the lack of care. They don’t care about the work. They don’t care about the quality. They don’t care about the outcome.

I’m not saying you need to send birthday cards to your OFS, I’m just saying things you do to show you care about them matter.

Saving face is also one way that your OFS would respond when they make a mistake.

Tomorrow I’ll have solutions my OFS proposed to help stop mindless work.

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