This is the 4th email in a series of 5 about why OFS sometimes work mindlessly.


Sometimes, people just get lazy.
Sometimes, this just happens.
Some say the rising generation is lazy.
Sometimes the work lends itself to laziness.
Sometimes it happens as an OFS gets more comfortable with the work.

For a lot, they think the only online jobs are data entry jobs. Data entry jobs are mindless by nature. This is changing with the push to remote work with Covid.

Quotes from my team:

– “For some Filipinos, Mediocre/Mindless work is the standard. Yes there are many out there who still want to do their best, but there are also so many who are just exhausting.“

– “Sometimes people just performed what exactly told them to do, especially those already employed long enough. As long the particular tasks are done, they think it’s already OK. They no longer care or think more about the possible problem that it may cause.”

– “Sometimes, it’s not mindless work. Sometimes, it’s just a work shlump. They care very much, they just need a little push to get them out of it.”

To me, this is often the employers’ fault. Often we’ve given mindless work. We’ve trained them to be mindless. We’ve made sure they always run everything by us before pushing it to a client. This creates laziness.

Sometimes the OFS just needs a little push.

“I need you to do better quality work, this quality of product just isn’t working for me. How can I help you?”

Sometimes they may have taken on another job and their laziness is due to exhaustion, both mental and physical.  Ask.

“Hey, I noticed the quality has declined recently. What’s causing this?  Are you overworked?”

On Monday we’ll talk about family culture…and how important it is in the workplace.

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